In loving memory of Marjory Smarth

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Tänzerin Niki aus Schweden (Gewinnerin Juste Debout Hip Hop 2010) hat ihrer verstorbenen Mentorin Marjory Smarth ein Solo gewidmet und in Worte gefasst:

„Tonight I performed a solo piece here in China. I dedicate this solo to Marjory Smarth. A women that means a lot to many nontheless me. She passed away in cancer recently and I miss her every day. She was my role model, my inspiration, my guide, my healer, my teacher and my light. There is so many things I wish I told her while she was here so I did not hesitate to take this moment to celebrate her and thank her for everything she has been giving to the world. I’m sure I’m not alone feeling this way about this woman. She touched many hearts and planted countless seeds of gold in all of us….the strangest thing or actually the best thing with her passing is that she feels so present now. I don’t know how to explain it well but it’s like I can feel her presence now so clear and so strong almost overwhelming but mostly beautiful and comforting. Marj, I love you and I miss you @marjorysmarth #livetruedancefree #marjorysmarth #marjorysmarthFOREVER #queen #healer #legend #housedance

House-Legende Marjory Smarth wurde in Haiti geboren und zog später nach New York, um sich weiter im Tanz auszubilden. Sie verband tribal dances aus ihrer Heimat mit den Street- und Clubdances in NY und wurde damit zu einer Pionierin des House Dance und konnte international arbeiten. Marjory verlor Anfang des Jahres den Kampf gegen den Krebs. Sie wurde nur 45 Jahre alt. (Hier könnt ihr mehr über sie lesen.)

“Fluidity is my thing. I think I am the earthbound mermaid. If there were a way to describe the way I dance — I have a lightness to my movement and sometimes it is as if my feet don’t even touch the ground.” – Marjory Smarth