Jagd/Flucht by Lil Amok

 Bboy Lil Amok (Flying Steps) hat ein beeindruckendes Video gemacht, was inhaltlich aktueller nicht sein könnte. Wir lassen die Bilder sprechen – und ihn selbst:

For this Video i really get inspired by the Song (Jagd/Flucht) from the German Rapper Ali As .

For me he is really one of the best Songwriters in Germany.

The Song (Jagd/Flucht) got such an strong message and create so many Pictures in my Head that i wanted to share with the world.

I already had this idea 2 years ago but back then i didn’t thought it was the right time to do it.

After seeing all the bad stuff that is going on in the World i felt responsible to share this Video to change a lil bit the way of thinking of some people (especially in Germany)

I’m really sorry for those who don’t understand german but believe me, even if you don’t understand the lyrics….Trust me you will feel them !!!

PS: First of all i wanna thank my Cousin Qazim Gashi who made also the (The Art Of Being You) Video with me.

Everytime we work together it feels like magic.

Its allways nice having people arround you that support & believe in your vision !

Last but not least, a Big Shout out to my Crew Members & best Friends (Robozee, Anna Holmström, BBoy Snoop) for giving me so much good energy/motivation/inspiration/fun & High Quality Dance Skills that made the Video as #Powerful as it is now.

Song: Ali As – Jagd/Flucht

Director: LIL AMOK

Camera Work & Edit: Qazim Gashi Photography

Dancers: ROBOZEE, Anna Holmström, BBoy Snoop & LIL AMOK

Made with: iPhone 6 & iMovie



The Video:


Veröffentlicht am 22/11/2015, in News. Setze ein Lesezeichen auf den Permalink. Hinterlasse einen Kommentar.

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