And the winner is… PROTOTYPE! PROTOwho? PROTOTYPE!!!

The second day of FUNKIN STYLEZ was so damn exciting (read the report here), we are still blown away by the WORLD TEAM BATTLE. This year PROTOTYPE from UK won the crazy final. And they deserve the crown: Not only everyone is an amazing dancer, but also they showed the strongest team spirit with tons of complex routines.

Funkin Stylez Finals winner Prototype: Roxy, Supermalcom, Brooke, Kashmir and Marvel (photo by jun kim)

Funkin Stylez Finals winner Prototype: Roxy, Supermalcom, Brooke, Kashmir and Marvel (photo by jun kim)

Keepondancin used this opportunity to find out about the crew that won Germany’s biggest battle. Crew member Supermalcom gave us the answers (and as they are from the UK, we exceptionally switch to english):

1. You showed you are a real team. Do you actually dance together a lot or was this a loose combo only for Funkin Stylez?

Yes, we do dance together a lot. Earlier this year we done and won several big crew competitions. So we were well prepared for Funkin Stylez.

2. Who is part of Prototype? When was it founded and by whom?

Supermalcom answered all our questions about his crew Prototype

Supermalcom answered all our questions about his crew Prototype

So we have:

– Kashmir (House and Hip Hop)

– Roxy (Bboying)

– Brooke (Popping and Locking)

– Dickson (Popping) but wasn’t here at Funkin Stylez

– myself, Supermalcom (Hip Hop and House)
These are the main core five dancers

and then we have
– Marvel (Popping) the newest member in Prototype (replaced Dickson for Funkin Stylez)

We all London-based dancers now. I founded the team about 2-3 years ago. My aim was to regroup the best dancers in the UK of different styles and go out to show that UK have real talent.

3. How did you prepare for Funkin Stylez (FS)? 

We prepared for FS one month ago rehearsing about three times a week, and the last week almost everyday. We observed that most teams have strong soloists but not good routines. So our strategy was to show people that we were strong on both sides of the fence: Strong solos and bombard the others with routines for every round.

4. What other important successes do you have on your list? 

Well this year has been amazing for us. We won the biggest UK dance battle „Jump Off“ five times in a row – plus the big £ 10.000 final. We also won SDK crew battle against Japan in the final in Czech republic.

5. What’s your „Funkin Stylez career“ so far?

Funny enough we never went too far at Funkin Stylez before. Two years before we lost in the 1/4 final. Last year we even lost in the first round. But all these losses were taken as a great experience and made us more aware of what we needed to do to win.


6. How did you like the new venue in Berlin and its atmosphere? Did you feel the crowd?

The new venue is really nice, very very big indeed. The vibe this year was a bit different but however good. The crowd was great and supportive but for us performing on stage is always different to perform around a circle as you tend to feel the energy of people around you more.

7. Are you gonna be back next year to defend the title? 

We don’t know if we gonna be back next year, depending on how the crew feel. We do have a lot of titles to defend next year 😉 But if we decide to do it we still gonna come as hard or even harder then this year, so be prepared 🙂

Thanks to Supermalcom for letting us know what Prototype is all about. We wish you a lot of success for your future projects and keepondancin!!!!

Oh, by the way: We found that supernice urban dance app Supermalcom created. You better check it out in the app-store and improve your dance skills with the help of nothing but your smartphone!! Next level shit!

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